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20 May 2019
Company Presentation Onsite Information
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Presentation Details

Below are your presentation details.


Company Name: PharmAbcine Inc.

Presentation Date: Tuesday, June 4
Presentation Time: 3:00:00 PM

Presentation Room: Theater 2

Speaker: Dr. Jin-San Yoo

Speaker Title: CEO

Presentation Length: 13 Minutes


Slides MUST Be Submitted Onsite-Room 108B, Level 100

Slides need to be submitted in the Speaker Ready Room onsite. 

·       The Speaker Ready Room is located in Room 108B, Level 1. 

·       Save your slides on either a USB Mini Drive or Memory Card and bring it to the Speaker Ready Room at least 3 hours prior to                 your presentation. 

·       Users should create their presentations in 16x9 and save them in the default .pptx format, rather than the backward compatible               . ppt format, as this will allow the greatest compatibility.

·       Speaker Ready Room Hours:

           Monday 8am-5pm                         Tuesday 8am-5pm

         Wednesday 8am-5pm                    Thursday 8am-3:00pm


Presentation Best Practices Videos

While you plan your presentation and make your way to Philadelphia, if you have not yet viewed the lessons offered to presenting companies at BIO events, you can see the full list of videos here.



As the 2019 BIO International Convention draws closer, I hope you are using all of our resources to get the most out of your company presentation and convention.  Below, I have linked partnering and scheduling information to help you plan your week.
Partnering Information

myBIO (attendee scheduling site)

     2F, Research Building 2, 70,

     Yuseong-daero 1689 beon-gil,
     Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34047, Republic of Korea

     HQ +82-42-863-2017 

     R&D Center +82-42-861-2017

     Investor Relations +70-4294-6097 

     FAX +82-42-863-2080 

     COPYRIGHT BY PharmAbcine Inc.