Antibody Development

Antibody development process harnessing our HuPhage library encompass biopanning for screening scFv hits targeting specific antigens, IgG conversion of best scFv candidates, and further in-house antibody production and evaluation.

  • Structure-based Antibody Screening: Our antibody engineering scientists work closely with structural biologists, extensively characterizing target antigen 3D-structures and functions. Biopanning strategy is uniquely designed based on these target antigen characteristics, which provides greater success rates in obtaining scFv clones with high binding affinity and retrieving rare clones, as well.

  • High Production Cell Line Development: Our 3G Expression System is specifically designed to overcome limitations in productivity of antibodies with the inherent expression issue due to poor biophysical properties. 

  • In-house Antibody Evaluation Platforms: Off-rate screening and binding affinity of antibody candidates are measured by employing our in-house BLI and SPR methodologies. Our scientists with proven expertise in cellular and molecular biology perform cell-based assays on a regular basis, assessing the antibody potency on targeted cells. Our facility is also well-equipped, efficiently handling workflow for quality control of antibody purity (HP-SEC, CE-SDS), charge variants (CIEX, cIEF), identity test (peptide mapping), protein content and carbohydrate analysis.  

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